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It is important to know some basic tips to protect against identity theft. Most steps are common sense but due to the false sense of security most people have not taken these steps in the past. Now a days more identity theft is being reported in the news and people are starting to rethink their ehavior.

The most important number to protect is your social security number. Also your credit card numbers and your insurance numbers are valuable to theives. It is not necessary to carry your social security number in your wallet. It is better for security purposes to keep your social security card in a designated safe place, locked up out of reach of others. Also make sure that the insurance cards you carry and your drivers license does not have your social security number printed on them.

Do not trust anyone who calls your phone representing a credit card companyy or other deb collector asking for your social security number. If this is a legitimate individual they would already have that piece of information and are not allowed to ask for it as a question ove the phone. Even your bank is not suppose to ask for your entire social security number over the phone.

Some more basic tips to protect against identity theft include your postal mail that arives at your home. To be safe, ask your credit card company to only communicate over the internet and to not mail you detailed information including your account nubwe. This is information the identity theives can use to steal funds from your card. This also is a good habit to follow with your insurance company.

Avoid sharing information on social media sites that are also answers to your security questions on sites related to credit, banking, or insurance. If you discuss your pets name, your home town, your high school, and other details do not use those as answers to questions on secured sites. Identity theives will read these details on your priofile or posts and thenthen try to use the information to steal identity.

When following basic tips to protect against identity theft be cautious when chatting on dating sites. Theives will ask alot of personal questions posig as someone you would trust and hen use that to steal your identity. if you think the questions are not normally asked so quickly in a new relationship do not answer them. Never give your social security number or answers to security questions.

Keeping your credit cards in view when handing them to a cashier is important. Avoid hadning them to waitresses who take them out of your site to swipe for payment of your meal. This is not a safe practice since anyone could swipe and use the information illegally while it is out of your site.

Make sure you open your credit card bills quickly or check them online weekly to make sure that no one ois stealing your number and identity. Also check your bank account online frequently for the same reason. Report any odd behavior that shows up immediately to the bank or credit card company. Freeze your credit if necessary until it is resolved.